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If you love reading books, or talking about books, or connecting with other readers or authors, you might want to check out GoodReads. Who knows, you just might find your next good read there.

If you’re an author, one of the indicators of how well your book is doing on GoodReads is by checking how many people have put your book on their “shelf.” It’s not a real shelf, and it doesn’t guarantee that the person will actually read  your book. But it does show that they’re interested, and that you might be in their reading queue.

Here’s a graph of The Moon Coin’s shelf adoption from the publication of the ebook, through the publication of the paperback, and ending today.


That dramatic rise in the middle directly corresponds to when the paperback edition was released.

It took The Moon Coin twelve-and-a-half months to reach 1,000 shelves. It’s currently on track to surpass 2,000 shelves in just three months.

To everyone who put my book on their shelf: THANK YOU!!!

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