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Straight from the typesetting department

of Gibbering Gnome Press:

Here be the completed bluelines to the print edition of The Dragondain. I took this pic from Gibbering Gnome Press’s natural light studio (also known as my porch). I’ve burned the publication files to disc. Tomorrow, I’ll have another sample cover made—for correction verification—then it’s straight off to the printer. I’m really hoping this will be the only round of corrections, but I never really know until the boxes start appearing—like magic—in Gibbering Gnome Press’s loading dock (also known as my garage). For example, this time I had to change things around in the front matter to acknowledge that I’d won a Moonbeam award, which I still find hard to believe! Part of me thinks that if I see it in print, then maybe the news will get through my thick head and into my wee little brain. It’s so surreal. Maybe . . . maybe I’m in the Matrix! Now that seems much more likely. Yeah, that’s gotta be it: I’m in the Matrix! That explains SO much. I can’t wait to start dodging bullets in slow mo! Or run up walls and jump off buildings. Welp, off to go practice my new powers. Wish me luck!

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