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I’m thick in the race to publish book three, The Murk, on time. I’m editing every day now. My primary job is to keep a steady stream of pages flowing to my editor. Chapter two feels like it’s just a few days away from being ready (eight passes so far, the last two on paper). Meanwhile, I’m still making my first pass on the book’s closing chapters! I’m so far behind! Making the Fall pub date is going to be a challenge!

Today, thankfully, has been one of magical editing days where not only do I have lots of time (so rare), but things are falling into place left and right (rarer still)!


So, while my wife and children race down the sloops like the ski bunnies they are, I’ve holed up at Trader’s Coffee.

This picture was taken directly across the street from the coffee shop. If you’ve never been to Deep Creek Lake, MD, in the winter: yes! the water really is that blue!

I’ve got a decaf latte, a warmed palmier, a printout of chapter two, and four very sharp dixon ticonderogas at my side. Now, to work!

Day two. On the way to Trader’s Coffee House, I pulled over and snapped this shot below.


And here’s the original shot I pulled this detail from:


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I reached one of my favorite book-writing milestones today. I’m sick of my book! Don’t worry. It’s mostly temporary, I hope, and it happened at just the right time: seven years and about twenty-five editing passes in. (If I’d gotten sick of it earlier—trust me—I’d be seriously depressed.)

What did I do to celebrate, you ask? Well, yesterday, as the printer in my hallway was still warming down its jets (ink-low lights blinking furiously), I slid into the Post Office just ten minutes before closing time, slapped a delivery conformation sticker on my handmade cardboard box, and sent it roaring off to Carolyn Arcabascio, the illustrator extraordinaire for The Moon Realm Series.

Sure, The Dragondain still needs more work, but I’m looking forward to being truly ill? during the final read-through and polish. 😀 I’M SO HAPPY!

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