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When Lily and Jasper’s uncle disappears, Lily must search for him in the one place she never imagined possible: the setting of her childhood bedtime tales: the Moon Realm.




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May/June Issue

Middle Shelf Magazine

This Author’s Desk

My Desk.

Desk with numbers

The vintage items you see here aren’t part of a deliberate theme on my part. Everything simply came together over time.

1. 20-inch Dell 2009w LCD monitor. I bought this in 2008. It’s great for text, but the color isn’t up to snuff for production work. (Oh, and hiding behind that lovely illustration by Carolyn Arcabascio, is the working draft of The Murk, which I am currently editing.)
2. Western Electric model 500 telephone (sold from 1950 to 1984). This is my high-tech communications system. I picked it up at a yard sale ($5) several years ago because I was getting tired of buying new batteries for my cordless phone. It still dials out, but when confronted with an automated message system and asked to press “4” or whatever, I just have to hang up.
3. Panasonic Electric Pencil Sharpener, model KP-77 S (probably early 70s, with Auto-Stop!). My trusty friend, bought by my wife for $3 at a church bazaar. Amazingly, you can still buy replacement parts for this model.
4. Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones. My portable orchestra. I bought these in 2001, shortly after purchasing an iPod, because said iPod couldn’t pump out enough juice to drive my old AKG 260s.
5. 15-inch Apple Macbook Pro (Winter 2006). Tucked behind the monitor, Graphic Mayhem rests in a little wooden bracket and runs in closed-lid mode when it’s not doing color work.
6. Apple Pro Keyboard (2000). The computer this came with is gone now, but I kept the keyboard because Apple built it to outlast the sun.
7. Apple Mighty Mouse (2005). I have no clear memory of how I acquired this mouse, but it’s still on the job.
8. Picture of an Egyptian chariot (gift from a friend), because chariots are cool.
9. Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, Second Edition (1938). Yes, it’s old, but it still beats the hell out of any other dictionary I’ve ever used.
10. Two Rinn. These were a Christmas gift, hand-made by my wife and children. They are more precious to me than my weight in 1st edition hardbacks of The Princess Bride, by William Goldman (Fine in Fine dust jackets). And THAT, my friends, is saying something.
11. Placebo coffee (or sometimes placebo tea). It’s hard to see in this photo, but it’s right here on the corner of this middle shelf.
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Book Signing

Author Signing blog

Eastern High School library, Wash. DC, Friday 31, 2014

This was taken right after an Imagine, Write, Repeat presentation. Here I’m talking to one of the students while signing Moon Realm books. It was a smart crowd, filled with lots of good questions. The signing ran over a bit, but luckily the parents were very gracious. The librarian asked if I’d be interesting in coming back to run a writing workshop!

Illustrations and excerpts from the

The Moon Coin.


From Chapter One

flying seahorse resting on a wall made of living coral


From Chapter Two

Lily removing moon coin necklace from mannequin as alarmed Jasper looks on.


From Chapter Three

Mr. Phixit.


From Chapter Four

Witcoil riding a wifling.


From Chapter Five

Roan swatting away arrows.


From Chapter Six

Graydor observing from high atop the ridge gate.


From Chapter Seven

Lily riding Roan into the Royal Palace of the Rinn.


From Chapter Eight

Greydor and Nimlinn on reclining on the Royal Dias.


From Chapter Nine

The stained glass doors of the Tomb of the fallen. A saddle and Nimlinn's paw can be seen within the room.


From Chapter Ten

Tanglemane snoozing on a stone ledge.


From Chapter Eleven

Aleron and his flock diving through the clouds.


From Chapter Twelve

Dragon with arrows sticking out of his snout being rained on.


From Chapter Thirteen

Curse, the malevolent entity that lives in Tavin's sword, being unsheathed.


From Chapter Fourteen

Tavin walking knee deep in the fens...

From Chapter Fifteen

Small girl carrying two lanterns in the night.


From Chapter Sixteen

Lily and Keegan having tea.


From Chapter Seventeen

Dubb and Lily at the door.


From Chapter Eighteen

The lunamancer Ember, tending a fireplace with an iron poker.


From Chapter Nineteen

Dubb's cracked moonsword.


From Chapter Twenty

Lily, about to reach into a boot.


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Interview with Bill Watterson from Mental Floss

Barnes and Noble, Sandy, Utah.

Like two little hobbits starting off on their first big adventure.


Hint: Second row, third and fourth from the left.


The Moon Realm Invades Barnes and Noble Bookstores Everywhere




I wish I had a more exciting tale to tell, but getting a self-published book into Barnes and Noble is all about time, diligence, and whether or not they want your book.

In a nutshell, here’s how I got the Moon Realm series into Barnes and Noble. Last fall I submitted to their Small Press Dept., at their Headquarters on 5th Ave, in New York. On their website, they said that if I didn’t hear back from them I should resend, as they get 2,000 submissions a week, which means, every once and a while, they have chuck everything and start over. I got a letter back from them maybe two weeks later requesting paperback copies of The Moon Coin (the only Moon Realm book in paper at that time). That was back in November. My next task was to get a distributor or wholesaler. B&N had sent me a list of them. I sent submissions two wholesalers that could work out for me. One replied in a week with a no. The other, Baker and Taylor, took longer. On March 26th, B&N sent me another letter saying they still wanted The Moon Coin, but that since they hadn’t heard from me in a long time, they were going to take their offer off the table 30 days from the date of that letter. That seemed more than fair to me, generous, in fact. It was a bit of a bummer, though, as I’d decided in my mind that Baker and Taylor, not having gotten back to me—I’d submitted to them in January—wasn’t interested in my book. Then, on April 11th, Baker and Taylor sent an email to Gibbering Gnome press saying “We are pleased to inform you that after reviewing your materials, we would like to have your company become a vendor with Baker & Taylor.”

That was a fine day.

Since the second book in my series, The Dragondain, had come out in December, and since my original contact from Barnes and Noble had changed since last November, I decided to send my new B&N contact new copies of both titles. She called a few weeks later to say they were going to order The Moon Coin, and that The Dragondain was now being reviewed by their buyer. During that time, Gibbering Gnome Press set up its account with B&T. I sent copies of books to my contact at B&T at that time, too. Soon, I was in B&T’s system.

On July 18th, the day before I was leaving for vacation, the first two purchase orders from B&T rolled in. So, instead of packing, I spent the evening thumbing through a 55 page document on how to make a proper shipping label for B&T’s warehouse. It involved me—I’m Gibbering Gnome’s typesetter, among other things—generating a label containing six barcodes. I’d never made barcodes before. I mean, I’d order them from Bowkers, of course, but never made them from scratch. By midnight, though, everything was boxed and ready to ship. I did what packing I could, then finished up in the morning. We sent the books off as we left town.

Unrelated to all this, I’d been in contact with a B&N Children’s Book Manager since last summer. Her store is in Utah. She’d contacted me on GoodReads, and wanted to know why my books weren’t in B&N’s catalog, Bookmaster. I’d told her I was trying my best. We kept in contact during this whole process, and, now that my books were in the system, she ordered copies for her store. She’s picked out a display, and Gibbering Gnome Press has sent her posters and postcards adverts.

Now all I need to do is sit back and watch the purchase orders roll in, right? Ha! If only it was so easy! But seriously, my job now is to run around to local B&Ns and independent bookstores, handing out free review copies and letting them know that I’m in B&T, or, in the case of the B&Ns, that I’m in Bookmaster. If I’m lucky, I might be able to get in on a few signings.





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Gibbering Gnome Press NEWSFLASH!

Paperback copies of The Moon Coin and The Dragondain are now in Barnes and Noble’s brick and mortar bookstores!!! Not every location has them on the shelf, but they can all order it for in-store pick-up.

It also means you can order the paperback books through B&N’s website (free shipping eligible). In fact, B&N is currently offering the best deal I’ve seen: 25% off The Moon Coin!





Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Richard Due. All rights reserved.
Gibbering Gnome Press, A Division of
Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink®
The Moon Realm®

“And while this title is considered middle-grade fiction (ages 7-12) due to the ages of its protagonists, it is so much more than that. It is an addictive drug for those of us who have lovingly flipped through its pages. It is the fantastical story you dreamed of while waiting to fall asleep. It is youth brought to life. It is all the things I still wish I could do. Things like have adventures of my very own.”



Click HERE or the image directly above to read the review.




My Barnes and Noble rep called me and said she could see The Moon Coin in Baker & Taylor’s catalog, and that she was ordering copies for Barnes and Noble’s brick and mortar bookstores!!! She also said that their book buyer is currently reviewing The Dragondain (which I  sent them just last week).

Update: My Barnes and Noble rep sent me a letter confirming that The Dragondain has also been approved by their book buyer, and that paperback copies have been ordered. Woot!

Gaithersburg Book Festival



Not the best weather, but we stayed dry, gained some new fans, and met some great book people.

Somehow, I failed to get my camera bag in the car. Maybe it was the 5am wake-up time. Snapped this one from my mobile.



Which means . . . after I slay a thousand forms, hire TRON to break into B&N’s catalog system, kill the witch, and bring back the broom to Oz . . . after all that . . . The Moon Coin is headed for Barnes & Noble!

Here’s how it happened: back in the fall, Barnes and Noble sent me a letter saying they wanted to carry The Moon Coin in their brick and mortar bookstores. The problem is that B&N doesn’t acquire books from publishers and authors, they get them from distributors and wholesalers.

Well, this week I heard back from Baker & Taylor. I’VE GOT THE BROOM AND I’M HEADING BACK TO OZ! My book is going to be available to B&N, (among many other bookstores), and a 95% of all libraries!

I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to get back to Oz, though. A couple months maybe? There’s just never a roving band of blood-thirsty flying monkeys around when you need one. Have you ever noticed that? But when I do get back, and into the Barnes & Noble catalog, B&Ns everywhere will be able to stock the series!

I’ve already heard from one B&N children’s dept manager who says she already has a special display in mind. She also plans to put up posters! Yikes!

One B&N store down, 722 to go.

In other news, I’m back up on Google Plus:

Fiction Books Reviews The Dragondain


“The magic is more mesmerising, the adventures more alluring, the 

building sense of intrigue and danger more tantalising and evocative.”



Click HERE or the image above for the review.


Midwest Book Review

The Moon Coin is a fine and adventurous read for young adults,

highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

TMC Cover

This just in from the Midwest Book Review:

A good story almost comes alive in our imagination, and it may do just that. “The Moon Coin” begins Richard Due’s Moon Realm series, following young Lily and Jasper, who learn much about the place from their uncle. But when he goes missing, the kids will learn there was more to his stories than just stories, and the secrets behind them will prove dangerous as they are enticing. “The Moon Coin” is a fine and adventurous read for young adults, highly recommended.


The Moon Coin

Book One / A Moon Realm Novel

Now available in paperback and eBook.

AmazonBarnes and NobleiTunes iBookstore,
and Second Looks Books.


Two chapters formatted for ePub, Mobi, or PDF.

Please share these files with your friends. Enjoy.



Copyright © 2011 by Richard Due. All rights reserved. Gibbering Gnome Press,

A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink™ The Moon Realm™

Oscar Knows Things

Tales, unlike stories, never lie. You see, a tale is an account of things in their due order, often divulged secretly, or as gossip. Would you like to hear one?—Lord Autumn

Carefully concealed within the nocturnal tales of Lily and Jasper Winter’s youth are hidden secrets only a child could believe. And believe they did. But now, as young teens, their Uncle Ebb’s disappearance has left many more questions than answers. Had he meant for them to discover the Moon Coin? Did he need them in the Moon Realm? Was it really possible that, by telling his tales, he’d actually been preparing them for the adventure of a lifetime?


ColorPage Testimonial

ColorPage, the amazing printer I use for all the Moon Realm books, asked me to do a testimonial for their website. Here it is:


Click HERE to read it in full.

Notes from my Coat-of-Many-Pockets

You didn’t think Ebb was the only one with such a coat, did you?

Jessi, from Maryland, sent in this pick of her pocket-Rinn.


She sent this message with it: This is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, commonly called Bloo. He just wants to read this pretty book with the similarly majestic kitty on the front of it, OK? But he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. : (

Gibbering Gnome Press has been thrilled with the response to their ebook giveaway for THE MOON COIN. We thought it would take four weeks to get 50 takers. We got 40 in the first week! If the next 10 go before this weekend is out, Gibbering Gnome Press is prepared double the number of ebook versions they’re giving away. That’s right, they’ll give away as many as 100 ebook copies! Also, in addition to the Kindle and Nook versions, there are now a limited number of iTunes iBookstore versions available. So don’t forget to mention that if you want an iBookstore version. Please Share this Post. 🙂

Here’s the original offer:

In an effort to build up our email list, Gibbering Gnome Press is giving away 50 free e-books of The Moon Coin, the first book in the award-winning Moon Realm series, to the first fifty people who join our email list. Please specify if you’d like to receive a Kindle or Nook version in your email.

You will receive your gift link on February 18th.

Details here:

There are some images in this film that come freaky close to the Moon Realm. If you want to see what it looks like to have one world hanging over another, or what a crossover might look like, then check it out! (As you already know, if you’ve read the books, the way gravity works in this film is VERY different than in the Moon Realm.)

Gibbering Gnome Press just made it a whole lot easier for librarians (public & school) to order MOON REALM novels. For details click HERE. There’s even a handy, printable Order From. So if your local library is lacking in the Moon Realm department, print out a copy of the PDF and take it down to your local library and tell them you’re dying to read the print edition. Which is quite lovely, btw. You can catch a glimpse of it HERE.

If you’re a GoodReads member (What’s GoodReads? Imagine if facebook was filled with readers and authors and all they wanted to do was talk about great books!), and you enjoy middle-grade books (Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, etc.), or shop for a middle-grader who does, check out the Group Great Middle Grade Reads. And while you’re there, don’t forget to give the Moon Realm books a vote on their Listopia List, which you can get to that list by clicking HERE. 😉

We’re gathering quotes from THE DRAGONDAIN to include on five new Second Looks Books bookmarks. If you have any favs, please shout them out. (We may just use one of them!)

Here are the five quotes we used on last year’s booksmarks. They’re all taken from THE MOON COIN:

“But—” yelped Twizbang, “Greydor will eat us!”

“Some people are just sad when there aren’t talking squirrels.” —Lily Winter

“You won’t find the tales I bear in any books . . . My tales are from the Moon Realm.” —Ebb Autumn

“Odd names: Winter, Autumn—they almost sound as if someone just made them up.” —Dubb

Tavin cupped his hands to his mouth. “Here, dragon-dragon-dragon!” he yelled. Lily stared in amazement. Well, that was bold, she thought, and stupid.

Lastly, for those of you who are wondering, I’m editing third book in the Moon Realm series, The Murk, as fast as I’m able. I’ve been handing off the first few chapters with my primary editor these last few weeks, and she’s been saying nice things about it. And she hasn’t read chapter 3 yet, which was great fun to write. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it. I’ll say only one word about it: Faerathil. 😀



New Author Bio and Author Note

My editor has been asking me to rewrite my bio. She thinks a bio should satisfy a reader’s curiosity about an author’s journey and skillz.  She also sees it as an opportunity to let a prospective employer—in this case, one of the goliath publishing corporations—know that I’m not a complete dolt.

This is what I emailed her today. Any feedback would be welcome—just post your comments at the bottom. Thanks!

Author Bio:

Richard Due (pronounced “Dewey”) first imagined the Moon Realm while telling bedtime tales to his children. He makes his home in Southern Maryland, where he and his wife have owned and operated Second Looks Books since 1991. The Moon Coin is the first novel in his award-winning Moon Realm series.

Author Note:

I started writing stories in the 3rd grade and moved on to novels in my teens and twenties, only to give that all up in my mid-thirties.

In my working life, however, I’ve been into making squiggly marks (or dots, lots of dots) on paper since the 1980s. First, I worked as a laser scanner operator, making halftones. (Halftones are a reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots). Or, put more simply, I turned black and white photographs into a whole mess-o-dots, extra pretty-like, making them perfect for running on printing presses.

Later, I worked as a DS camera operator, making halftones and text negatives on orthographic film. Or, put more simply, I turned photographs into a whole mess-o-dots, on film, and did the same with text, only without all the dots, making them perfect for running on printing presses. I made several hundred BFOPs this way. (BFOPs, pronounced BEEfops, stands for Books For Other People. And they aren’t always fun to make, but they’re great for paying for things like books, car insurance, rent, more books, food, and drink.)
Eventually, though, computers took all those jobs away from me and gave them to something called a digital typesetter. So I taught myself how to be one of those, and made more books (some cool, most not so much) and computer software manuals (can you say: kill me now).

In 1991, I put the typesetting business on freelance, and entered into the exciting and glamorous world of book selling. My wife and I are still at it, selling books at our independent (mostly-) used bookstore in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

In 2010, however, something very strange happened. . . . On a complete lark, during the night of a full moon, I put all my skills together in a paper bag, and waved them over my head while clucking like a chicken, then opened the bag, and out spilled the Moon Realm Series in all its ebook and print goodness. I have been very happy ever since.